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League of Legends 

Iron Rank

Iron 4 NA Account
Iron 4 EUW Account
Iron 4 OCE Account

Why do people purchase IRON Accounts?

Purchasing a low rank in the online game "League of Legends". People may buy an Iron rank for various reasons, including:

  1. Smurfing: A player who is skilled at the game may purchase an Iron rank to play with less experienced players for fun or to dominate the game and gain a sense of accomplishment.

  2. Boosting: A player may purchase an Iron rank to have another player
    (a "booster") play on their account and raise their rank. This is often done to obtain rewards or to gain a higher rank without having to put in the effort to improve one's skills.

  3. Learning: A player who is new to the game may purchase an Iron rank to learn the game or the champion without the pressure of playing against skilled opponents.

Do you know what a Iron Smurf Account is?

Iron Smurf Accounts are like pretend accounts that people can use to practice new things in a game without worrying about hurting their main account's reputation. Sometimes people also use them to play against easier opponents, but this can make other players feel left out if they are at a higher level.

All Iron 4 accounts have a lifetime guarantee. This means that if anything goes wrong with the account, it will be fixed or replaced for free!


Are you ready to dominate the rift?

buy Iron Lol Account Now and challenge your self to get big win streaks!

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