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League of Legends 

Iron Rank

Iron 4 account (3).gif




Instant delivery!

This account is ONE of a kind. Here’s what you will receive:

  • LOW MMR. Very fun games, great for Duo boosting or just having a blast in the lowest rank to exist

  • Unverified E-mail, change it to your own without waiting!

  • IRON 4 Rank Low win rate (Usually BELOW 10-20%)

  • De-ranked by hand

  • 20 Champions

  • +30k Blue Essence


Why Should I Buy Iron 4 Account?

Buying a League of Legends Iron 4 Rank account is a great way to get into the game quickly and easily. It's perfect for new players who want to enjoy the game. With an Iron 4 Rank account, you can join ranked games right away and compete against other players on the lowest rank. You'll also have access to a range of 20 champions, skins. Plus, buying a League of Legends Iron 4 Rank account can be much cheaper than grinding your way up, so it's a great way to save time.

What type of access do I get when I buy an Iron IV Rank Account?

When you buy a League of Legends Iron 4 Rank account, you will get full access to the account, including the username and password. However, the email associated with the account is usually unverified, so you will need to verify. Once the email is verified, you will have full control to the account.

Why do people buy Iron smurf accounts?

People frequently complain about ELO hell, their issues with teammates, and their unreliability. So, let me guarantee you that unless you've had an Iron experience, you don't know anything yet. By purchasing a fresh account in Iron, you choose to surround yourself with the very poorest players in the game, the bottom of the barrel 1% - so bad that words fail to describe it. Playing in Iron is an adventure.

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